Bombay Train Map

I couldn't find a usable train map for the Mumbai train system, so I created one myself. The Android app has 300+ active users currently.

Made using Photoshop.

UK Bank Holidays Preview

A more usable train map for Bombay

I created a new map for the Bombay train system. I also designed an android app that has 300+ active users.

Solving a personal problem

When I was still living in India, I found myself looking for an easy to use map like the one for the London underground. When I couldn't find one, I decided to create it myself.

I also designed the specification for a simple app and got a friend to build it.

The magic of being on the app store

Even though I had the map available for free on the internet, the app store offers a platform where your audience is already searching for a solution to your problem.

You can download the app on the Google Play app store here.

Here are some of my other projects

Showcase: Components

Here is a collection of website components from popular websites written from scratch.