Remember numbers by converting them into memorable strings


Inspired by What3words, I made a simple module to convert numbers into a memorable string that can be decoded back to the difficult-to-remember number.

Here is the Github repo

Install it via npm

For example

The number 001010090012000 can be converted into the string former-faith-football-false-facility and vice versa

This could be useful in a context where long numbers (for eg: order numbers) are needed (for computer systems) but also need to be human readable. I'm thinking of an Ikea order, or a post office reference.


npm i remember-numbers


Converting a number into string

const rememberNumbers = require('remember-numbers') rememberNumbers.convert('911420') // 'entertainment-chamber'

Decoding the string back

const rememberNumbers = require('remember-numbers') rememberNumbers.decode('entertainment-chamber') // '911420'

The source code for this website can be found here under an MIT license