Tracking Royal Mail packages with Node

Note: This is still a work in progress (WIP).

I've had a send a couple of packages recently, and I thought of automating the process of checking if my package had been delivered. Instead of having to remember and check multiple times, I'd really like if I could just get a text notification if my package had been delivered.

Here's the script:

I've been meaning to use puppeteer for a side project, so this was an obvious choice.

I also used node-schedule to run this script as a scheduled task. I'd like to run this once an hour, as a default to make sure I'm not hammering the royal mail website.

In its current state, the script is far from perfect. It has a hard-coded tracking number (one that's not valid anymore). It checks for an error, and if none exists, takes a screenshot of the page. I'm putting this on hold till I have another tracking code to test with and know what the 'happy path' looks like.